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“I wanted to send my gratitude to your company, and your outstanding service. Your employees exemplify what it means to be professional. All of the individuals with your company, who we have come in contact with, have been down to earth and honest. These things are a rare encounter in today's world.

Yesterday we had a system installed. The two young men who came out did a great job. They were both very polite, courteous, and considerate of my family, and I truly appreciate that. Enclosed is a check for fifty dollars. Please split this amount with the two of them, and tell them I appreciate their efforts.”

Best Regards, Jim Hancock

“I am writing to express my appreciation and satisfaction with your recent inspection of our air conditioner. I had called in the morning after not being able to turn the A/C unit off. Your courteous phone reception and subsequent same day inspection pleased me very much.

Your technician was friendly and knowledgeable, and he was also accepting of our three dogs. Though friendly, their obtrusive manner was a minor challenge to him as they followed wherever he went. I truly appreciated how comfortable he was with the unit and with discussing options for repair with me. He was willing to stay until the problem was corrected and was very patient with our older Lennox model.

I will certainly recommend your company should any of my friends need A/C repair. Again, thank you for your professionalism and friendliness.”

Mrs. Kathleen M. Kansky

“American Standard Heater - Natures Home Humidifier, Quantum OxyQuantum, Micro Power Guard - and all new duct work from heater to den

This letter is just to give you an update on the above items you installed in our home on May 9.

I cannot believe how cool our home is especially the den. The heat alone in that room was too much. We insulated all the walls, ceiling, and under the floor, replaced the windows with gas, and sat at night with blankets on. Now it is so comfortable and cannot believe the installation you had done.

Where is the dust??? Because I have allergies, I always clean a lot. We have a dog and cat which are bathed frequently. I used to smell the dog even after a bath, but now nothing. We sleep so good at night. I went to see the allergist and explained what you did. I told him how you cleaned all the ducts, and proceeded with the installation of the other units. He was so pleased at how well I am.

Your crew was amazing to say the least. You never knew they were here, and extremely professional. Tom who originally came out to use the camera in the furnace to check the duct work, discovered that where the water for the air conditioner was to go someplace else backed down to the heater, and it was rusting out. Eventually we would have had a silent killer. You have an amazing crew as I suggested. We would have never known.

We so wanted to thank you for all the great work, and Jeff who did the major installation of the heater, is top shelf. Please send some cards so I can give to those who are interested.Thanks again!”

The Reifers, Ed and Carol, Mercerville, NJ